Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Research of five Animation companies (The Animation Business)

Major Project-Collaboration Research

 A Universe in 100 key discoveries' is a book i looked at to gain a better knowledge on how to conduct my collaboration work, as there were a few scenes that i had to produce backgrounds for that were set in space. When looking at this book i was looking at colour, texture, the moons surface, craters, light and dark in order to help my produce concepts that take on a realistic approach.

Research of five Animation Companies- ( The Animation Business)

Research of five Animation Companies (The Animation Business)

Research of five Animation Companies (The Animation Business)

Research of five Animation companies (The Animation Business)

Research for five Animation Companies (The Animation Business)

Research of five Animation companies- (The Animation Business)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Major Project (Personal Project)

 Hi Guys

For the next part of the major project it's essential that i create a personal project to go along side the one that i am already working on...
So i have decided to produce a tiny little flip book with some basic animation in it. I know i know, the making stuff move part is not my strongest area, however i want to show that i am versatile and i can do it if need be..

So anyway, heres  a few little sketches that i am working on to be used as part of this project. I have just produced this in ink and a quick water colour wash.. trying to determine shape and colour.

Keep watching for more development work, thumbnails and key frames.

Chao x

Snow white in all her glory

This Disney feature is the biggest influence to me in terms of animation, period. It absolutely fascinates me that this team of animators were able to create such technical genius with such limited equipment and materials. As this was release in 1937 i just think it is pure brilliance that the outcome was so detailed and so polished when there was hardly any digital equipment at all and he whole process was hand drawn and painted.

Genius Genius Genius!!!

Francis Glebas

Showing you warm up exercises has proved a very effective technique for me that i tried out after watching this guy.  It really helped me to keep my lines fluid.

Flip Drawings from Alladin

This video clip demonstrates the work of glen Keane.
I just love how expressive his characters are with such fluid movements but the really inspiring this to me is how he maintains continuity with each drawing... It seems faultless even at this stage.

Glen Keane

Truly an inspirational Artist...
Highly Polished work, with a vivid imagination. I get the sense he feels a real passion for the characters he creates and embodies them whilst he draws to get the best out of them.

Major Project Continued...

Major Project Continued...

Monday, 21 April 2014

Major Project- Stylistic Development (the road surrounded by trees)


Just another update of how my current project is coming along. I am experimenting with different styles and techniques.

I have tried some abstract techniques,  some detailed images, Using light and heavy line structures in order to create a new look. Changing colours of lines, to make the image look more realistic.  I will try different paper types. exaggerate tones, colours, lines, form and structure.