Monday, 21 April 2014

Major Project- Stylistic development (house on the hill)

A feqw different styles were needed to be explored in order for me to choose the most appropriate design for my episodes. I needed to have a variety in order for my to be fully informed of what was achievable and most aesthetically pleasing. 

- Line Drawing, in order for me to see the image on a one dimensional aspect and to work out what colours i will need to be using.
-A coloured pencil version, i need to see if traditional methods are the way forward or if its better to completely digitalise the image, or digitalise it in the style of traditional methods. 
-A black and white version, this is primarily just in case i decide to animate the whole show in greyscale as a stylistic avenue. however i don't really think thous will be successful because colour engages children and that style may hinder their development and interest in the show.

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