Saturday, 12 April 2014

Major Project-'Pippa's' Character Pack

With the character of Pippa, The elder sister of the main character Charlie, I wanted to create a strong first little girl figure, with a sharp tongue and can be quite a bossy boots, to add an element of comedy as she will boss him around but because there is only a slight age gap she knows not very much more than Charlie, so they are both capable of making silly mistakes. With and without the magical qualities. 

I wanted to add continuity to the characters designs to try and reinforce that the characters are related, in which case I used a green colour palette, but i used a lighter more feminine green for Pippa and a more masculine tone for Charlie, but it is still a fun quirky colour palette.
The differ slightly in looks but i kept the eyes the same to keep that continuity of the theme family. 

But this character pack features :
-A one page profile
-A colour model sheet
-A construction sheet
-A turnaround
- Expression pages
- pose pages.

This is to aid an animator of a concept artist with all the necessary details to recreate the characters in my absence and in terms of production. 

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