Friday, 18 October 2013

Google doodle fairground

Here I have just changed my music because I had this song in mind for comedic value. For those who have seen its 'Pheobe Buffays- smelly cat' song off friends. I wanted to add it for irony because the meerkats were being splashed with water suggesting they are 'Smelly cat's'.

This google doodle was a task given to the students of the university of South wales. The aim was to explore Adobe flash interface and be able to learn and achieve new techniques within the programme. I am however a 2D concept artist so the use of flash is very new to me, but far more advanced than the other flash project that i conducted. The basic concept for this Is that its its something fun and quirky, it depicts a fair ground scene that basically 'splats' Meerkats with water. There are many things i would change given a bigger time scale like trying a few more things out, maybe making the piece interactive so its a fun game. and adding maybe characters to the background to make it more interesting.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

My current projects that lasts for three weeks at the university of glamorgan involves designing and making a 'google doodle' The aim is to explore Adobe Flash interface and learn how to enhance your knowledge of the programme. So these are three little characters that will feature in my film. Which involves a Circus like game that will splat meerkats. 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Occupation: Full time dad
Ambition: To be the coolest cat in town.
Personality: Kind, gentle and caring. Embarrassing to his children, Martin is going through a mid life crisis and is trying to regain his youth. Martin wants to be accepted by his three kids so he tries to be more like them.
He uses street talk, walks with a limp and wears the latest trends, or what he thinks are the latest trends. He highlights his hair and listens to gangster rap, and his favourite word is "dudddddddddeeeeee".
Renowned for the biggest smile, nd the happiest guy in town, even though he's seen as a bit of a joke he is a stand up guy.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The first two images are quick character sketches tat i have designed based on a few ideas for character persona.  The first (the lady) i want her to be a Secretary or a Librarian, i want her to look very bubbly and that she takes her job very seriously. she will have a very bouncy walk, created by the curls in her hair and her abnormally heavy back side. she will wear a lot of colours and a lot of eccentric make up, teamed with a frumpy cardigan. shes always happy to help but acts older than she is. 
The second character (the male) i want him to be the embarrassing dad. I want him to be a male who is going through a mid life crisis.He has three kids and wants to be cool in their eyes, so he wears baggy pants drives a sports car and spikes his hair. hoping for recognition. He sticks out like a sore thumb by walking with a strut and talking like a fifteen year old, he associates everyone by the phrase 'Duuuuuuudddee!.'
These characters i will be developing in the near future and making them come to life with facial expressions, full bodies and props. I am planning on creating their colour palettes also but for the time being they are remaining biro ink sketches.

The last image was created by segregating this part of my own face from the rest and sketching what i see. trying to make it as realistic and detailed as possible. I am trying to work on life drawing alot over the summer in order to aid my concept art in third year. 

More to come soon guys!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013



Here i have sketched an eye, wanting to focus on making it as realistic as possible. I have used brown parcel paper, teamed with  coloured pencil, pastel, biro and even white nail vanish and cotton buds. I used coloured pencil for the actual sketch. i then made the image look more three dimensional by using pastels and coloured biro to pop colours out. I then used white nail vanish as white coloured pencil wasn't  vibrant enough to create the light source on the eye. I think it is effective as it looks three dimensional and I believe it does look realistic. I want to keep practicing on this to help my drawing skills develop further.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Here is a colour version of my previous sketch of Rihanna, i have used water colour and a soft kohl white pencil to add highlighs. I think they are successful pieces because i believe one of my weaknesses is that i cant often capture realistic faces. Well in terms off life drawing, drawing at a speedy pace i find it hard to capture the features. So i have taken my time and really studied them in order to get an accurate account of Rihanna.

Here is my rough title sequence to advertise the auto biography of Muhammad Ali, I wanted it to be bright and vibrant but semi abstract, that is why i have chosen to stylistically use sillhouettes. i think it works well as a concept showing aspects of his life. I used the caterpillar and the butterfly as a symbol showing how he grows as a person, but also linking his famous quote 'floats like a butterfly stings like a bee' and the title of the novel 'the soul of a butterfly' this is a very dominant theme throughout my work.

Quick Sketches-Rihanna

One of my idols is Rihanna, So I have produced a quick pencil sketch in order to capture her features. This sketch took my approximately 20 mins, i have produced it to practice while i am not at university. I may add some colour and some pen too the original drawing. I think on of the eyes however is incorrect its situated slightly to high. I thing i could take it into photoshop and edit the image to see the results i may get.