Monday, 24 June 2013

Here is a colour version of my previous sketch of Rihanna, i have used water colour and a soft kohl white pencil to add highlighs. I think they are successful pieces because i believe one of my weaknesses is that i cant often capture realistic faces. Well in terms off life drawing, drawing at a speedy pace i find it hard to capture the features. So i have taken my time and really studied them in order to get an accurate account of Rihanna.

Here is my rough title sequence to advertise the auto biography of Muhammad Ali, I wanted it to be bright and vibrant but semi abstract, that is why i have chosen to stylistically use sillhouettes. i think it works well as a concept showing aspects of his life. I used the caterpillar and the butterfly as a symbol showing how he grows as a person, but also linking his famous quote 'floats like a butterfly stings like a bee' and the title of the novel 'the soul of a butterfly' this is a very dominant theme throughout my work.

Quick Sketches-Rihanna

One of my idols is Rihanna, So I have produced a quick pencil sketch in order to capture her features. This sketch took my approximately 20 mins, i have produced it to practice while i am not at university. I may add some colour and some pen too the original drawing. I think on of the eyes however is incorrect its situated slightly to high. I thing i could take it into photoshop and edit the image to see the results i may get.