Wednesday, 19 February 2014

'Bernard's' character pack

This character pack contains a:
Character profile
A colour model sheet
A turnaround
Construction sheets
Facial expressions
and Character pose sheets

I wanted this character to feature warm tones to suggest a warm personality, i needed the character to be short and stumpy, with huge glassy eyes to make the character appear a very young little owl.

Design Development

Here are a few design sketches for a recent project i worked on, The intent was to make an illustrative book called that were aimed for children with learning difficulties. The reason for this was that there isn't a variety of material for this purpose.

The book title was 'Momma come home' which will be regarding a mother owl and a baby owl depending on each other. When the mother owl goes hunting she has an accident and doesn't return home. Berny and his friend Cassie go on a major adventure to find Momma. Whether she comes home is the question and will the two little birds return safely. 

An update:

Hi guys!
I've been neglecting my blog, but from now on I will be working to update it frequently.

But i think its in need of a make over, out with the old and in with the new.

A lick of paint and some TLC is all thats needed, watch this space!.