Thursday, 28 February 2013

Museum challenge

This was week four of the drawing challenge. The aim was to create a character based on inspiration from The National museum of Wales. I chose an artifact in the medieval section of the museum, i chose a gold curved artifact, this inspired me to produce a character with a piece of Armour. In my mind i wanted to produce something that was based on a warrior princess. i didnt want to produce a typical warrior princess that is sexy wearing hardly any clothes. i wanted this character to break the typical mould. That's why i gave her a genie like tail, a long flowing dress and two bun pigtails. i like the character i think she is very interesting but if i was too do it again i would put more time and effort into her background environment, i would make it a more appropriate background to suggest what the character is.

Costume design

This was the third part of the drawing challenges. The aim was to design a character based on an item of clothing, the characters had to be suitable for the garments and the Era they were from.
The first character i was to design i chose a 1920's theme, i looked at the 1920's jazz era as research. Imagined a character that was quirky, with lots of personality. as the stage and sexuality was such an important part of the 1920's American jazz era, i thought this character was appropriate to demonstrate that era and piece of clothing.
The second character was based on the Georgian era, i looked into Georgian Hairstyles, make up and clothing, to influence these designs. I wanted my character to have a dramatized personality hence her stance and the element of her self admiration.
I thing the backgrounds of these characters also aid in helping the brain to acknowledge what era they are from.

Character re-design

I was given 4 challenges due to last 4 weeks, this was the second week of the drawing challenges. The aim was to be given a superhero that primary school children had design and my aim was to redesign these characters
Below are the two I chose to work on.
I really like them both i have kept them quite similar to the originals. However 'The blue eyed barasher' is cute looking, it perhaps would have been better if i had adapted him in a gruesome way

Use of photoshop

For this challenge, the aim was to get used to using Adobe programmes to a high Industry standard.
We were given two images, and like in industry we had to try and copy our images to the same standard, using photoshop.
I think i did well considering i haven't used photoshop alot. I think my images were very similar to the original and produced to a high standard.