Thursday, 28 February 2013

Costume design

This was the third part of the drawing challenges. The aim was to design a character based on an item of clothing, the characters had to be suitable for the garments and the Era they were from.
The first character i was to design i chose a 1920's theme, i looked at the 1920's jazz era as research. Imagined a character that was quirky, with lots of personality. as the stage and sexuality was such an important part of the 1920's American jazz era, i thought this character was appropriate to demonstrate that era and piece of clothing.
The second character was based on the Georgian era, i looked into Georgian Hairstyles, make up and clothing, to influence these designs. I wanted my character to have a dramatized personality hence her stance and the element of her self admiration.
I thing the backgrounds of these characters also aid in helping the brain to acknowledge what era they are from.

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