Saturday, 12 April 2014

Collaboration continued- 'Looking at the moon'

Like the other collaborative images i have created for a fellow animator Amber Hildreth I have considered her unique specifications, With this image the direction given was to create a layout that would feature the moon far away, as one of her characters will be shooting up into the sky towards the moon, so it needed to present a sense of distance and space.  I was given an initial sketch which gave me a greater understanding go what Miss Hildreth was looking for with these backgrounds.

So I went for dark royal blues and navy's once again with highlights of purples and turquoises, the occasional hint of pinks, to highlight a sense of reality but also to make the image have some character to it.

As the moon is a light source based on the reflection it captures off the sun,  it will have an effect on the sky  and the colour depth and patterns that you are able to see. so with each individual image i have created i have tried various effects and pushed some areas to project more light. For instance..
streams of light that will be coming from the moon, but i have mad fed them very textured, to suggest the presence of clouds and bits of rocks that will be orbiting the surrounding area, along side stars that will also provide a light source.
One of the main elements to this image is the ability to create space, outer space is so vast that in order to have an accurate representation of the moon in the sky,  the proportion has to be accurate to show how vast the area is and how big and small things will be in relation to something as large as the moon. Then the moon has to be measured in terms of how small the moon is in terms of 'space' as a whole.

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