Friday, 4 April 2014

'I love you to the moon and back'- Collaboration

 As part of my major project, the criteria included a collaborative section, Pairing with a very talented Animator, Amber Hildreth, i was working alongside her to create some very interesting and colourful
backgrounds to go with her characters and her narrative. The last three posts are examples of my first collaborative background:

Amber needed:
-A heart shaped moon
-An element of space
-Colourful designs
-Projection of light
- Stars

I order to make my backgrounds a success and given her a variety to choose from in order for her to pick the most suitable for her final film. I looked at space itself, the colours that can be seen in space and what colours are together.  I looked at how the mood would radiate light, with  expressive conviction.
I have used many colour schemes and styles to find the right look, but all within her guideline specifications.
I produced water colour washes of colours, and paper textures to use as over lays in order to create some of the effects. I also manipulated some images with photoshop effects and the rest were just digitally painted.

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