Saturday, 12 April 2014

Collaboration Continued - The surface of the moon

The background designs are a continuation with the ongoing collaboration project i am working on, 
The specifications given by the animator was to create an up close view of the surface of the moon, showing the radiation of light in the scene. So i researched images of the moon surface and realised that there are a lot of royal blue and navy blues that are projected in the sky, but there are other colours displayed more vivid colours that are a direct result of shadows and reflections caused by the moon as a light source. 

At first i looked at quite an obvious display of light source being projected from the moon but i quickly realised that i was not set on this design i don't think it looked realistic , so that is when ii chose to make the moon in the foreground a more crisp aspect of the image, with a very clear light path, to create realism i added focus to craters on the earths surface.
Lastly i added colours, textures and pattern to create more depth to image and to then add a 'fantasy' edge to the images.

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