Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Pre production- Concept sketches

This project is for initially a one off series to be televised, Aiming at a target demographic of 3-10 year old children, both male and female intentions. The story line is designed to be an educational programme that not only educates children with shapes colours, emotions, but aids compassion, problem solving, right and wrongs and general life values and expectations. The plot of this is a simple one, one that can be elaborated in many different ways:
An overview of the plot,
This series shows the main character Charlie Button and his big sister Pippa's fury, frustration and disappointment when they leave a big city to move to the suburbs with they're parents. Charlie holds a wild imagination and a strong will for adventure, but always gets carried away in his make believe lands, to the dismay of his big sister. Whilst moving to a secluded, odd looking house, charlie stumbles upon something in a box left in the attic.. a cloak, and a wand.. this is where Charlies dreams come true, he has power, power to do anything he wishes.. literally. will his wishes cause him more harm than good as he isn't the rightful owner of these possessions. Will char lies journey become real or will it be purely his imagination.

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